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Kickstarter Campaign 2018

Posted by Angela Jenkins on

On July 26, 2018, Solarté Collections will begin a project in order to expand our collection. This project will be centered around a Kickstarter Campaign to help us grow as an elegant skin care company with a huge purpose.

Who are we?
Solarté was founded in France in 1996 with the elan of Provence, offering an extraordinary skincare line. However, Angela Hackett Jenkins had a bigger vision for the company, so she bought Solarté from a French family after she had been working for them for several years. Since July, 2017, Angela has re-built Solarté with a social mission. With each purchase made, Solarté will donate funds and product to safe houses across the United States. As a domestic abuse survivor, Angela saw an opportunity to help women recover and gain their confidence back. Solarté’s mission is to inspire fearless lives filled with confidence, joy, and well being.

What is it?
Kickstarter is a global community that was founded on creativity. The online service has helped tens of thousands of creators fund their projects. Whether they are big or small, Kickstarter gives creators the resources to help their work come to life. In 2015, Kickstarter decided that they wanted to measure their success, not by profits, but by how well they achieve their overall creative mission. Kickstarter is now a Benefit Corporation which means that the company is obligated to consider the impact they have on society and not just the shareholders. With this, Kickstarter projects are seen as opportunities to “create the universe and culture you want to see.”

What’s Next
Through the Kickstarter Campaign, Solarté Collections would like to raise at least $25,000. With this $25,000, we will be better able to connect with our customers through social media platforms and marketing and will be able to expand our collections and product line all while upholding the compelling mission of Solarté. Every dollar backed will help women overcome domestic abuse and relationship hardships.

Even though helping domestic abuse survivors is a reward in itself, Solarté will offer incentives to specific dollar amounts contributed to our cause. The reward tier breakdown ranges from $10 contributions to $500+ contributions. At each tier, you will be given incredible prizes consisting of Solarté products, stickers, Instagram shout outs, and even a Skype video call with Angela Jenkins, CEO and founder.

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