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Never Give Up

Posted by Angela Jenkins on
Thrilled to discover that Andrew, my seven-year old son, has been taking lessons from those of us at Solarté who encourage people to live boldly and be relentless in pursuing their dreams!

My little guy is a junior golfer who idolizes Rory McIlroy. At the last round of this year's Wells Fargo PGA Championship, he was so excited to be able to follow Rory, but was really hoping that Rory would notice that Andrew is his biggest fan.

Andrew even wore a Taylor Made visor and signature blue shirt color! Andrew was overjoyed when Rory gave him a high-five on the 6th hole and then went over-the-top with excitement when Rory birdied the 8th and placed the ball in Andrew's hand! You can see it here! Just goes to show that dreams come true and staying focused on what and who you care about has its rewards. Thank you Rory McIlRoy! My son will dream even bigger now!

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