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Refresh, revitalize and replenish your skin for the winter

Posted by Angela Jenkins on

If you’re like me, you are probably still recuperating from the hectic holiday season. I always look forward to January because I finally have time to give myself and my skin some much needed TLC.

With the cold weather now upon us, I always make sure I have my Lavender and Verbena Solarté Shea Butter Hand and Body Lotion close at hand. My skin gets so itchy and dry in the winter so I use the shea butter body lotion in the morning and at night for instant relief. It absorbs immediately and takes away the itchy dryness, leaving my skin feeling so soft and smooth. I use the lavender body lotion at night when I need to relax and I use the verbena in the morning to help me feel energized and ready for the day. My hands also get really, really dry in the winter so I always make sure I have either my verbena or lavender shea butter hand cream in my bag. The soothing shea butter instantly smooths and softens my hands and I never get tired of the relaxing lavender or energizing verbena scent—it’s like a mini aromatherapy session.

Both the hand and body lotion are a luxurious necessity for me with the cold months ahead and I have to admit I love taking a little time for myself to feel indulged and pampered. I hope you will do the same. The Solarté Shea Butter Hand and Body Lotions are available in regular and travel sizes so you can conveniently keep them with you at home or when you’re traveling.

Wishing you happiness and well-being always,

Angela Hackett Jenkins

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