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Valentine's Day is near!

Posted by Angela Jenkins on
Valentine’s Day is near! This season of love is so special because at Solarté we are on a forever mission to stand for compassion, friendship, charity, goodwill, and humanity. We love empowering women. We love what our products help women do. We love how our products make women feel. We love impacting so many lives.

The whole point of this special day is to spread love and share beautiful moments with others. We all do this in a variety of ways, but at Solarté it is always in the form of spreading our powerful mission to take a stance in the overall cycle to end domestic violence.

This February we will be donating 10% of online sales to One Love Foundation. We will also be delivering Valentines gift sets to WS Forsyth County and our newly partnered Safe Houses, Harbor Shelter in Smithfield, NC, and Rowan County Family Crisis Center.

Valentine's Day is about passion. At Solarté we could not be more passionate about inspiring fearless lives filled with confidence, joy, and wellbeing. Nominate a Safe House in your area today!

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