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At Solarté we believe feeling beautiful, nurtured and indulged is a luxury that should be enjoyed every day. Made with nourishing, soothing shea and the scents of lush, relaxing lavender and invigorating, revitalizing verbena, Solarté captures the elegant essence of Provence with its exclusive collection of luxuriating hair and body care products. Founded in the South of France in 1996, Solarté stays true to its authentic heritage, using natural, paraben-free and ethically produced ingredients.


We aim high in our efforts to empower all women to live their lives boldly, confidently, and without fear. We are especially committed to women who are working to overcome adverse relationships and life circumstances. To do so we provide products and financial support to safe houses for women all over the country. Read more here.


We invite you to learn more about our company, our philanthropy for women, and how we build dedicated, loyal relationships with our exclusive clients and partners across the country. To learn more about becoming a select Solarté wholesale partner, please contact us at 336-283-6232 or

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The Solarté Story:

Solarté’s elegant heritage is rich and full of charm. Our brand, developed by a quintessential French family over 22 years ago, was created and manufactured in Provence, France and then sold in our founders’ quaint French boutique in the international section of Park Avenue in Winter Park, Florida. With their vision and the extraordinary national brand ambassador who joined them in 2004, Solarte became a cherished brand in the luxury market amongst loyal customers all over the world.

That extraordinary brand ambassador was Angela Hackett Jenkins to whom the founders sold Solarté in 2004 and who now leads Solarté Collections, LLC. Angela and our entire team are proud to continue the tradition of Solarté providing elegant, shea-rich, nourishing products to our customers in spas, hotels, boutiques, clubs, and now on our website.

Angela Jenkins, Founder and CEO

Angela Jenkins, Founder and CEO

Now that we have relaunched our brand in the contemporary era, we are proud that Solarté products are still made in France with our exacting high standards, and that customers who have cherished Solarté in the luxury market for so many years, find they are falling in love with Solarté all over again. We invite those of you who are just discovering Solarté to experience our fine products and enjoy becoming a Solarté loyalist.


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